RAIN! Finally, after months and months of heat and smoke we had a bit of rain. While it didn’t quench the fire as much our community would like, it let the fire fighters get control of some of the fires around Nelson.

A few days ago I found this Facebook post and shared it to my timeline. The original post has since been shared nearly 3000 times throughout the community, and I think that’s because it describes exactly how each one of us has been feeling for the past few months.

Here is the link to the post:


The smoke has lifted (for now), the temperature is tolerable again (for now), and Shambala continued as scheduled.


smokey Nakusp

This past weekend we went to Nakusp for a little R&R and stayed at the most amazing BNB on a farm surrounded by mountains. We spent Saturday at the beach in Nakusp, letting Freya crawl around and explore the park, putting everything in her mouth of course (when does this stage end?!?!).

standing + clapping

standing + clapping

We also ventured up to the Nakusp Hot Springs for a quick dip before heading to the BNB. Freya was mesmerized by the farm animals at the BNB. The horses and goats were friendly and came close enough so that Freya could get a good view. I love how much she loves animals.



Browse Creek BnB + Saddle Mountain

And as if the animals and beautiful scenery weren’t enough, the breakfast on Sunday was incredible. We are excited to go back the Brouse Creek BNB in the fall!


Freya loved these beauties


Freya’s new friends

Freya and I are heading to Vancouver Island next week, so we are sticking close to home until then. Now that the smoke has lifted for a few days, we can hopefully get down to the park to visit with some friends. I look forward to our runs and pool time, lots of sleep, simple healthy dinners, and Game of Thrones.


I have uploaded more photos under the ‘images’ tab. It’s password protected, so send me a message if you don’t already have the password!


xo ali

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